25 Awesome Jessica Simpson Hairstyles

‘The hair is the richest ornament of women’ as described by Martin Luther, is surely what
Jessica Simpson believes in. This glamorous girl is always experimenting her looks with various
hairdos. Jessica Simpson Hairstyles are the sorted for collection as the hairstyle lovers get a
varied style to every length hair be it short, medium or long.

This Texas girl tried every hair type and adopted various hairstyles to show off her different
moods. Be it her loose wavy tendrils to tight sleek buns, sleek bob haircut to long layered
hairstyles, Jessica puts forth her style with her bombshell persona. With lady Jess, no matter
what your facial feature, personal style, or profession is, you’ll be able to spot hairstyles that this
style icon loves which would look great on you too.

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Updo With Bun

The Classic French twist of Jessica Simpson with fullness on top to create heights while the fine dangling bits in front adds softness to her style.

updo with bun

Updo With Bun

Cute Hair

The casual cute style of Jessica is a perfect blend of simplicity and style.

long tresses

Long Tresses

Golden Blonde Mane

An adorable, steal her style look of Jessica with the top half of her golden blonde mane pinned to the crown.

long straight hair

Long Straight Hair

Golden Locks Flow

This sexy hairdo with long loose golden waves adds spunk to her style; quintessentially “Jessica”.

golden blonde mane

Golden Blonde Mane

Jessica Simpson Hairstyle

The fun and flirty way to style layered hairs to get the “girl next door look”.

long curly hair

Long Curly Hair

Long And Luscious Light Golden Blonde Mane

The signature looks of Jessica Simpson with light golden blonde and lots of layers.

long and luscious light golden blonde mane


Long Blond Hair

The center of attention as always with her ravishing style, Jessica in her long blonde hair; an easy way to style long hair.

long brown hair

Long Brown Hair

Long Blonde Hairstyle

Jessica with long, curly, romantic blond hairstyle is a turn on.

golden locks flow

Golden Locks Flow

Long Brown Hair

The magical spell with long brown hairs in a center part and flowing waves.

long blonde hair

Long Blonde Hair

Long brown hair with blonde

Jessica wore her long blonde hair in beautiful, classy curls draped over her shoulder.

long side swept bangs

Long Side Swept Bangs

Long curly hair

Seductive long curly hairs reflect the ready to conquer attitude.

long brown hair with blonde

Long Brown Hair With Blonde

Long Side swept Bangs

This retro updo with long side bangs across the forehead gives a red hot finish.

sexy side swept bangs

Sexy Side Swept Bangs

Short Blonde Hair

A head turner as Jessica is always, in a sleek classy hairdo.

short blonde hair

Short Blonde Hair

Long Tresses

Jessica with her long tresses flaunts an amazing, mystical, fairy tale hair.

classic up style

Classic Up Style

Medium Blonde hair

This is a soft, sexy look for Jessica Simpson with her golden locks left to flow over her shoulders.

cute hair

Cute Hair

Nice updo hair

We love Jess in her elegant updo hair appropriate to hold up the shape of her face.

sassy style

Sassy Style

Pinned up hair

This super sexy pinned up hair with a few curls around the face surely enhances her beauty.

long blonde hairstyle

Long Blonde Hair

Pretty Hair Style

A pretty hairdo glammed up with the radiant smile of Jess.

preety hair style

Preety Hair Style

Sassy Style

This complete cute sassy country look is surely inspired by her southern roots.

jessica simpson hairstyle

Jessica Simpson Hairstyle

Sexy Side swept bangs

As the diva wears the hottest look with sexy side swept bangs.

side swept updo

Side Swept Updo

Short Blonde Hair

A favorite look on Jessica is this stylist short bob as she looks stunning and voluptuous.

medium blonde hair

Medium Blonde Hair

Side Swept hair

This very simple but stunning look is easy to create and gives off a sensational feel.

nice updo hair

Nice Updo Hair

Side swept up do

A gorgeous throwback updo highlights her killer facial features.

wavy hair

Wavy Hair

Updo with Bun

A stunning killer look by styling the hair tightly back with sides braided around adds texture and definition to the face.

pinned up hair

Pinned Up Hair

Wavy Hair

A simple yet funky wavy hair look can actually dress up any look.

side swept hair

Side Swept Hair

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