25 Groovy Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair

Hairstyle is a cause of concern for many men. Though styling is not thought to be much of their concern but now a days even they want to look trendy and stylish. Hair is a very noticeable body part and healthy hair indicates that the person can be easily made to look well-groomed and presentable. However, it is not enough to have healthy hair only; you must also give it a proper style. It should be such that it goes with the shape of your face and thus complements your personality. Therefore, you must do proper homework about the styles before deciding on any particular one.

Thick hair is sometimes thought to be unmanageable but it is a blessing as you can easily experiment with them. Moreover, it also gives you the much sought after bounce and volume. Thick hair can be styled in many ways. You can color them, spike them or just leave them straight. There are lots of trendy and cute hairstyles for thick haired men. Here we have presented a collage of 25 hairstyles that can be applied to thick hair. Delve through them and you will find amazing insights into the experiments you can make with your hair.

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Charming hairstyle

Bouncy straight brown hair flowing at front have their own distinct charm.

grooming hairstyle

Grooming Hairstyle

Brown bangs

Long brown bangs heavily sided on one half for that funky look.

brown hair

Brown Hair


Brown neat spikes that gives you bounce and elegance.



Trimmed spikes

Short trimmed brown hair with multicolored spikes on top.

hair portfolio

Hair Portfolio


Flowing black straight hair trimmed on sides gives a flamboyant look.



Curly Hair Cut Man

Moderately trimmed shiny black curly hair has a casual touch.

curly hair cut man

Curly Hair Cut Man

Low Fuss Hairstyle

Easy to maintain short trimmed brown textured hair with spikes on front.

low fuss hairstyle

Low Fuss Hairstyle

Elegantly trendy

For the serious and working types who want to sport a trendy and elegant look.



Zigzag spikes

If you want a different look go for the crew cut with zigzag spikes.

hair for men

Hair For Men

Curly bouncy

Lustrous curly tresses having bounce and volume highlight your crowning glory.

big and bouncy

Big And Bouncy


Get your hair trimmed on sides and comb the top so that it has bounce for that professional look.

stephan kocijan

Stephan Kocijan

Somber young man

Let loose the tresses on forehead to get that somber look

a handsome young man

A Handsome Young Man

Fun And Fancy Hairstyle

Wavy spikes neatly combed backwards has a queer fancy touch.

fun and fancy hairstyle

Fun And Fancy Hairstyle

Peacock spikes

Low fuss trimmed tresses on sides and peacock spikes on top complement the oval face shape.

short thick hair

Short Thick Hair

Evergreen hairstyle

Jet black hair of medium length is stylish, easy to look after and suits all occasions.

man hair

Man Hair

Carefree look

Short spikes on all sides with a slightly long front make for a carefree attitude.

low fuss look

Low Fuss Look

Medium hair

Medium length straight hair let loose on forehead have a mystical aura

medium hair

Medium Hair

Cool Hairstyle

Brown color enhances the fair complexion manifold and the wavy spikes bring grace.

cool hairstyle

Cool Hairstyle

Smart formal hairstyle

Short trimmed dark hair neatly combed backwards gives a smart formal look.

dark formal hairstyle

Dark Formal Hairstyle

Sophisticated hairstyle

Well trimmed dark hair with slight top spikes has sophistication and style.

new hairstyle

New Hairstyle

Sober hsirstyle

Simple straight dark hair combed back has a sober look.

handsome men

Handsome Men

Cool and sporty

Long wavy highlighted spikes on top with short trim sideways have a sporty touch to them.

cool and funky

Cool And Funky

Dark curls

Voluminous dark curls are never out of fashion

black hair curls

Black Hair Curls

Formal hairstyle

Lustrous smooth dark hair combed in a fluffy manner is graceful and appealing.

formal hairstyle

Formal Hairstyle

Cool fair hairstyle

Fair hair with long spikes bending forward is cool.

salon basic haircut

Salon Basic Haircut

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