Gorgeous 3D Environments Created using e-on Vue

e-on Vue is a computer graphics software package that is designed to emulate nature.  Used in a variety of feature films including Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean, Vue is one of the most powerful environment creation softwares on the market today, perhaps rivaled in popularity only by Terragen.  Vue is a simple program to start using, but it takes significant skill, effort and knowledge to create realistic and inviting environments.  A careful study of nature and analysis of various lighting models, texturing methods, terrain development and other features is the true way to create digital nature.

In this post, you’ll find some gorgeous examples of Vue artworks, ranging from pure Vue environments to matte paintings with Vue as the base.  Vue is capable of creating anything imaginable, from cold mountains to steamy jungles, ocean depths and outer space scenes.

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Snowy Peak by Alexm95

vue 1 500x281

Untitled Volcanic Set by nukeation

vue 2 500x159

Terraforming by Wasteland-3D

vue 3 500x375

TerraNova by Max4Ever

vue 4 500x271

Tropic by Alexm95

vue 5 500x228

Welcome to Heaven by pavel89l

vue 6 500x312

New World by Rich35211

vue 7 500x333

The Tatooine Pinnacles by ExtremeProjects

vue 8 500x281

Pace by nukeation

vue 9 500x212

Vue Competition Entry by aksu

vue 10 500x243

Gates to Elysium by tigaer

vue 11 500x310

Ancient Temples by HardyGuardy

vue 12 500x375

Summer Fields by ExtremeProjects

vue 13 500x281

Cataclysm by BlPh

vue 13 500x270

Wish You Were Here by priteeboy

vue 14 500x212

Misty Morning by Brukhar

vue 15 500x212

Vue 7 by nukeation

vue 16 500x212

Rise and Shine by priteeboy

vue 18 500x212

Terrain Mountain Final by 35211

vue 19 500x173

Costa Rican Grotto by Extreme Projects

vue 20 500x280

12mm of Truth by OPrwtos

vue 21 500x184

Mountain View 8 by alexm95

vue 22 500x311

Vue Architectural Visualization by naborghsoj08

vue 23 500x360

Wish You Were Here by Tigaer

vue 24 500x292

Sanctuary by Drea Horvath

vue 25 500x320

Valis Licentia by Tigaer

vue 26 500x259

Babylon Tower by Wasteland-3D

vue 27 500x375

Desert View by Alexm95

vue 28 500x189

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