25 iPhone Apps For Fun

While there are plenty of iPhone apps for business, work and productivity, many people also like to have fun using their iPhone as well. Luckily, there are plenty of iPhone apps for fun, ranging from creative photo editing apps to joke apps.

Here’s our selection of the best fun iPhone apps. Most are free, and they are all sure to entertain you during a long flight, car trip, or boring meeting. Hope you like our selections!

Voice Changer Plus

voice changer

Millions of people have used Voice Changer Plus to amaze and amuse themselves and their friends. Now you can too, with more voices than ever!



The World’s Most Popular Digital Fart Machine!

Aging Booth

Find out with AgingBooth (by the creators of FatBooth), an easy to use and amazing face aging machine on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

aging booth

What will you look like when you’re old? And what about your friends?

18,000 Cool Jokes

cool jokes

The funniest jokes collection, ever! 600,000 people can’t be wrong…just check the reviews.

Impossible Magic

impossible magic

You choose one out of 6 cards, our magician reads your mind through your iPhone, and the program removes your card from the stack!



Ever wish you could change your voice to something more fun? Well, now you can with Voices!

6501 Crazy Facts

crazy facts

There are quite a few facts apps in the store…so why choose 6001+ Crazy Facts Free?

The Onion

the onion

This is the official iPhone/iPod Touch application of The Onion, America’s Finest News Source. It is the last bastion of unbiased, reliable, and definitive news in a world dominated by superficiality, mediocrity, and non-Onion news outlets.

Friends Around

friends around

Friends Around is a mobile social network for interacting with friends 24/7: check-in/check-out to your favorite venues, sync check-ins with Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. Share status on Twitter, Facebook. Meet new people nearby or across the world through an interactive location-based search.



This FML app is the only one developed by the Fmylife Team, it’ll give you all the website’s functions for FREE!

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