Creative Seasonal Christmas Advertisements and Inspiration

Christmas advertising often reveals different approaches in advertising when compared to advertising throughout the rest of the year, as companies try to connect with their audience during the holiday season, and to do this, they need to target the issues that people face during the holiday season.  From Christmas parties and family gatherings to gift opening (and inevitable returning of unwanted items), to last minute shopping, and most of all, charitable giving during the holiday season, there are a lot of areas for companies and public service organizations to connect with their audiences.

In this roundup of creative seasonal Christmas ad inspiration, you’ll find some highly clever (and sometimes amusing) advertisements from companies large and small, as well as public organizations.

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Are you in a charitable mood and want to contribute a guest post for the holiday season?  We’re looking for posts from our readers with design and art inspiration about their holiday celebrations, be that Christmas, Hannukah, New Years, or any other holiday, so contact us if you want to contribute!

Dylon Fabric Dye: Birthday-Christmas

xmas 15 500x320

Heineken: Santa

xmas 6 500x351

Veikkaus Football Betting: Santa Rollercoaster

xmas 1 500x351

Mercedes Benz – Be There First

xmas 2 500x334

Klinskoe – New Year

xmas 16 500x211

Heineken: Nutcracker

xmas 10 500x666

R2 Fitness Club: Christmas Guy

xmas 14 500x700

Childhope Asia: Fireplace

xmas 3 500x344

Greenpeace Snow Globe

xmas 4 500x705

Seat: Joseph and Mary

xmas 5 500x340

Inbev: Merry Christmas

xmas 12 500x353

Publicis Christmas

xmas 7 500x707

SUNA GPS: Christmas

xmas 8 500x166

Mini Amsterdam: Christmas Boxes

xmas 9 500x500

Le Mall: Save Christmas

xmas 11 500x332

McDonald’s Merry Christmas

xmas 13 500x765

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