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33 Amazing Desktop Backgrounds For Mac

Have you been feeling a bit bored of late while working on your desktop? Well, then it is high time you changed your wallpaper. You might not believe it but the wallpaper does have an effect on our efficiency and mood. Imagine starting the computer with the same backdrop for days? You are bound to

33 Funny Desktop Backgrounds You Can Use Right Now

Want to beat the Monday morning blues with a cool desktop background? A funny desktop picture can really be a huge mood lifter when you sit down to work. The best part, most of the Funny Desktop Backgrounds can be downloaded for free. This gives you a whole range of funny pictures, from classically funny

34 Awesome Desktop Backgrounds You Will Love To Use

A desktop background is no longer an ignored topic and people love to change it frequently. The display on the system says a lot about the owner and therefore, men and women keep looking for awesome desktop backgrounds that would give their computer a cool and classic look. Well, the taste of each person differs

30 Outstanding Mac OS X Lion Wallpaper Collection

The wallpaper is the aesthetic part of the whole computer setting and people decorate their monitors with a lot of interest doing various rounds of browse and pick sessions on the internet. All of us want to have a backdrop that has an enlightening effect on our mood and also makes a good impression on

30 Cool Wallpapers For Mac

Who would have ever thought that an apple, with one side slightly eaten into, would become the symbol of fantastic creativity and innovation? Yet that is what the Mac Apple logo has managed to do. It is such a simple design yet in its simplicity it has so much meaning. Recognized instantly the world over,

35 Amazing Backgrounds Exclusively For You

If you love changing your desktop background often, you would always want to know about new backgrounds. The best part about a background is that it reflects your tastes and choices. Sometimes a background may even have to do with your favorite character from a movie or book, or have a theme from a video