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26 Ideal Braid Hairstyles For Black Women

Black women are very stylish and fashionable with their hair. They wear a variety of hairstyles and enjoy flaunting their latest trends with sophistication and class. Braids are one such hairdo, which are very common among the black women. These give out a kind of creativity that is mastered over years of practice. It is

27 Dramatic Tribal Sleeve Tattoos For 2013

Tattooing is an ancient art that has been in vogue since many centuries in all cultures. From the African tribal groups, to the Polynesian Islands, from Celtic to Japan, tattoo has always symbolized a pattern of culture and tradition. It speaks of a certain class of rank and status and symbolizes spiritual and religious devotion.

26 Aesthetic Swallow Tattoo For 2013

Permanently inking your beliefs and ideology on to your skin is referred as tattoo designing. It is the most popular and developing art of body modification. There are various art forms and designs that you can try out. With a wide range of designs, swallow tattoo designs are becoming more popular especially among the sailors

31 Textural Layered Bob Hairstyles For 2013

Bobs are a great way to set off faces of different shapes. Teamed with layers, bobs add a rich textured effect to your hair. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, or your face is long or round, you can find suitable layered bob hairstyles. You can play up your layered bob haircut with bangs

30 Intriguing Medium Length Haircuts With Bangs

Medium length hairstyles work great to frame the face. Whether your hair is cut in straight layers or loose long waves, a mid length style usually gives your face a fuller look. If you want to add a peppy feel to a medium length haircut, bangs are a smart idea. You can set off your

26 Badass Tattoos For Guys For 2013

Generally speaking about the tattoo making it refers to inserting ink into the body. The type of ink used shows whether it is a permanent or a temporary tattoo. Nowadays tattoo making is becoming very famous among both men and women. Have you heard about badass tattoos for guys? The dictionary meaning of the term