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A Deeper Look at Custom Browser Theme Design and Creation

When it comes to frequently used computer programs, browsers lead the pack. It’s far more likely that a person will open their web browser and surf the Internet than do anything else on their personal computer. It makes sense when you think about it – to do anything online, you have to use a browser

20 Illustrator Tutorials that Will Make You a Better Designer

Illustrator is an essential part of a designer’s workflow, but for those of us who learned Photoshop and rely heavily on it, Illustrator can seem confusing, and at times, unwieldy.  However, once you learn Illustrator, you can integrate it into your workflow and drastically increase the number of creative effects in your design arsenal. Here

The Best Photoshop Tutorials of March 2011

It has become a monthly tradition here at CreativeFan to post a series of the best Photoshop tutorials from across the web for any given month, as well as a massive roundup at the end of the year.  By going through the tutorials in these lists, you’ll be exposed to a variety of different digital

10 Digital Painting Video Tutorials for Beginners

When it comes to digital painting tutorials, text-based tutorials don’t quite cut it for most people.  It’s difficult to get an intuitive feel for digital painting by just reading how others work, instead, it helps to see what they are actually doing.  When it comes to digital painting video tutorials, there are two main types:

30 Digital Art Painting Tutorials and Techniques

Digital painting can be one of the harder techniques to master, but it also offers the widest range of creative possibilities, as you are not restrained by photographs or 3D software limitations.  When it comes to digital art tutorials, digital painting tutorials are the hardest to create, because it is nearly impossible to capture every brush

33 Superb NewTek Lightwave 3D Tutorials

NewTek Lightwave 3D is a 3D software package that is used for modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering and animation of high end computer graphics.  Used in various films and TV shows including Jurassic Park, 300, Finding Nemo, Avatar and Iron Man, Lightwave offers scripting functionality as well as a particle engine using hypervoxels as a way