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How to Handle Tough Deadlines

Deadlines have become the order of the day in the present professional environment and almost all professionals have to deal with them in their daily work life. But when it comes to freelancing, deadlines are like a 24/7 element that keeps the freelancers on their toes and thus, also acts as a positive check. Freelancers

27 Awesome Joker Pictures

Who is the evil but funny archrival of Batman known for his sharp mind and cruel ways? Who is the one with a funny face but evil soul? Well, the Joker needs no introduction. All the fans of the fictional superhero Batman are well acquainted with the super villain with a white face, blood-red lips

15 Brilliant Tutorials On How To Design A Logo

Many people think that they know how to design a logo, but the process is actually much more in depth than many people give it credit for. As such, many clients believe that logo design should be very cheap, and even other designers don’t fully appreciate the work that goes into the logo design process.

Create a Flash Website using MotoCMS

Today it seems that almost everyone has a website, including business companies, photographers, governmental organizations, even just married couples. All these website owners differ from each other greatly: they have different profit levels and abilities to pay, knowledge and skills in web design and development. It becomes very easy to say which websites were created

7 Epic Tips for Getting More Clients

Whether you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, one thing is for sure: your common goal is to get more clients. How to achieve this, though, is where things can get a bit sticky. How aggressive should you be? How do you make a lasting impression? What is the best way to turn a potential client

The Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Beginners

Adobe Illustrator is an amazing tool. With its user-friendly interface yet astonishingly complex capabilities, it is an ideal program for professional and recreational illustrators alike. Still, to an individual who has never utilized this program before, opening up Adobe Illustrator for the first time is understandably intimidating. Much of it may look straightforward, but there’s