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The Truth and What no one Ever Told you About Blogging

Do you know the truth and what no one told you about blogging? The term blogging generally means a way of posting some kind of content or data on a blog. Blog is a written discussion which is done in an informal manner and is published on the World Wide Web. It is interactive in

How to Keep Visitors on Your Website and Make More Money

Website in general refers to related webpages. Every website has its own unique web address which is only accessible through internet connection. The first page which is visible when we click on the website is called homepage. It also contains hyperlinks for other sites. Now the question arises, why do people create these websites? Some

Understanding Freelancing Challenges

Are you tired of your 9 to 5 regular job? Lately, maybe you are not getting any time to fulfill your other commitments. Then you think of quitting your regular job and become a freelancer. The only thing that comes to your mind is that finally you are going to get a desirable work style.

Are You an Expert Freelancer?

Experts are demanded and respected where ever they go. If you have expertise in your work your work will always be demanded. The industry always makes a distinction between a mediocre and an expert. In this competitive world there is hardly any place for a mediocre because the industry demands perfection. To be an expert

Avoiding Burnout While Working Long Hours as a Freelancer

Nothing is better than working from the comforts of your home. Freelancing is a boon. The freedom one gets while working from home as a freelancer has no boundaries. No wasting of time or energy or money in travel. This means you no more have to stand in long queues for your metro ticket or

Important Freelancer Time Management Advice

What would be your reply if you were asked what is the most pressing issue for a freelancer that cannot be avoided at any cost? Any freelancer worth his salt would come up with ‘time management’ as the reply. Other people are under the illusion that freelancers do not work according to a timetable and