Beautiful Female Vexel Artworks

Vexel is a type of artwork that combines sharp-edged lines and flat color or gradient fills with a form of raster styling to achieve creative digital art.  Typically created using a large number of paths and vector objects combined with other techniques, vexel is a challenging form of art that can yield great results.

In this post, you’ll find some beautiful vexel artworks of women from some of the best vexel artists around. ¬†Hope you enjoy them.

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Contemplating by jawwneee

vexel 2 500x346

Katie Melua by Swezzels

vexel 1 500x422

I’m Missing by Lullipops

vexel 3 500x280

No5 by mari-angel

vexel 4 500x680

Nicole by jespecially

vexel 5 500x750

The Truth by uniquedee

vexel 5 500x523

Goldfrapp by Lightways

vexel 7 500x368

Lady Gaga by Fabulosity

vexel 8 500x675

Bunny by Vilone

vexel 9 500x359

Gimme More Brains by Winterof87

vexel 10 500x620

Sophia Bush by the2slayers

vexel 12 500x519

Thawana Broska by Anderson Mathias

vexel 11 500x612

Lash by BeBeachy

vexel 13 500x679

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