97 Totally Hilarious and Epicly Weird Wallpapers

Everyone needs a great wallpaper to grace their desktop.  With the amount of time that humans spend in front of their computers, we’d probably go insane if we didn’t have something to stare at besides work or Facebook.  Enter the desktop wallpaper, which provides a distraction for you to zone out while looking at.  Nothing helps you get the motivation to accomplish something like a funny wallpaper, because, well, laughter is the best medicine.

In this post, we’ve gone around and rounded up 97 epic, hilarious, weird, ridiculous, crazy and just plain outrageous wallpapers from around the web.  If you’re looking for a laugh, you’ll find it below, so without further ado, check out the excellent wallpapers below!

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grim reaper 500x375

war 500x375

3d charming prince 500x375

Fun Funny 74052 500x375

Fun Funny 74053 500x353

Fun Funny 74397 500x400

Fun Funny 1757 500x375

Fun Funny 68693 500x333

frog with sign  1280x1024 500x375


monster 500x375

crime scene 500x375

Fun Funny 40777 500x406

food heineken halloween 500x375

bad rooster 1280x960 500x375

chicky eggs 1600x1200 500x375

On the Grass by lastscionz 500x187

Fun Funny 69488 500x312

Fun Funny 33027 500x400

Fun Funny 1759 500x375

all together 500x375

vetton ru 67 500x375

drivingtofast 500x375

breakice funny wallpaper 500x333

cleaning gentle funny wallpapers 1680x1050 500x281

Technical Imperfection 500x375

McShooting 500x375

vetton ru 91 500x375

1 44  500x375

funny parking wallpaper 37 500x375

0018 Humor 500x375

Ei Robot by ReginaldBull 500x400

1 73  500x375

piggy bank funny wallpaper 22 500x375

beijing 500x375

Happy family 500x375

081204175650 8396 500x375

1600x1200 1219566189 500x375

Number 3 by DivineError 500x312

who will win this ove 500x375

Mouse hole 800 600 500x375

it was ok 500x375

ToiletinIndia 500x375

messenger 500x375

parody 1280x800 500x375

fruity flash 1920x1200 500x375

its for me 500x375

Sweet Dreams 500x375

Ride Um Slug 500x375

26  500x375

Funny wallpapers Funny bunny 011259  500x400

Sexual Fairy tale 009198  500x312

Competition 015908  500x375

Horse on steroids 015320  500x400

Mister Financial Crisis 015056  500x400

Intergalactic Poker 015004  500x312

Hippie 014676  500x375

Strange granny 014640  500x400

The captive 009197  500x312

Funny Computer Wallpaper 500x375

Ceilings road 014179  500x400

Nestlings 014219  500x400

Radioactive Clown 014166  500x375

Belt 014165  500x375

Fight for life 014164  500x375

Evolution 014169  500x300

Duel 013898  500x312

Rock musician 013875  500x375

Pursuit 013842  500x312

Gymnast 013440  500x312

Speed 013433  500x375

Obama  McCain 012623  500x375

Ming dynasty vase 011804  500x312

My child superstar 011797  500x312

Creative advertising tires 011795  500x312

Reflection 011790  500x312

Newborn Athlete 011786  500x312

32  500x375

Medicines for fish 011784  500x312

Little Athlete 011781  500x312

Fight for a ball   Football 009196  500x312

Illness for fun 009189  500x312

The multiarmed goalkeeper 009193  500x312

The childhood 009178  500x312

House sea beast 009175  500x312

Huge cancer 009176  500x312

The old woman and penguin 009172  500x312

Clothes 009173  500x312

Lizard a mutant 009168  500x312

Hunting for the girl 009129  500x331

Woman and Storm 009126  500x331

Hi tech Igloo 007265  500x375

XLuB6J19LGRSWyjHfx 500x375

Fruity by awe inspired 500x312

Warning sign 57 by hjkiddk 500x333

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