60 Informative Social Networking and Social Media Infographics

Infographics have become the method of choice to communicate data, facts, figures and statistics about a given topic.  Social media has fueled their growth and popularity, and there have been a large number of social media infographics created over the past year.  Whether you’re interested in analyzing the growth and history of social networking, or you want to break down a given social network and analyze it, there are plenty of social networking infographics to provide all the data you could need, in an easy to read format.

We’ve gathered up 60 informative social networking infographics and social media infographics that will show you the differences, growth and social network demographics, as well as the rise in social media advertising spending, social media addiction, and where the blogosphere may be headed next.

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Class of 2011 – If Social Media Was a Highschool

social media high school

The Biggest Shift

the biggest shift

The 2010 Social Network Map

social network map 2010

Foursquare vs Gowalla – Who Won the Geolocation War?

gowalla vs foursquare

The Gender Balance on Social Networking Sites

Gender Balance on Social Networking Sites 500x375

When Social Media ATTACKS!

whensocialmediaattacks 500x375

Facebook vs Twitter

facebook vs twitter 500x375

MySpace – From Hot To Not

myspace collapse

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Social Media for Businesses

social media businesses

The Amazing Rise (and Inevitable Fall?) of Groupon


Social Networks Across the World

social network map

Age Distribution of Social Networks

age distribution social networks 500x431

Breakdown of the Blogosphere

breakdown of the blogosphere 500x574

Facebook vs Twitter

facbook vs twitter infographic

How People Tweet – What Twitter Tools People Use

how people tweet

If Facebook Was a Country

facebook country

The Profile of a Twitter User

twitter user profile 500x375

The History of Social Networking

social networking history

Building a Company with Social Media

social media company

Understanding the Google Buzz Privacy Impact

googlebuzzprivacy 500x626

The Rise in Social Networking Ad Spending

social networking ad spending

The Web Before Twitter

before twitter 500x375

The Web After Twitter

the web after Twitter 500x375

Why LinkedIn Must Play a Role in Your Career

linked in career

How Social Media Strengthens Companies

social media strength

How Executives are Using Social Media

executive social media

The Journey of a Tweet

journey of twitter post 500x375

Social Web Involvement

social web involvement 500x353

Twitter Territory in the United States

twitter territory 500x375

Who Participates Online?

who participates online 500x375

How Well Are Newspapers Using Facebook?

newspaper info33

Twitter Stats – If the Community Was 100 People

twitter community 500x375

The Art of Listening – Social Media Style

artoflistening 500x467

The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager

social media manager schedule

The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

digital distractions 500x530

Twitter PR Strategy

twitter strategy 500x400

Inside the Political Twittersphere

twitter politics 500x496

Inside the Political Twittersphere II

twitter politics 2 500x496

The Internet’s Undersea World

the internets undersea world 500x375

How People Share Content on the Web

how people share 500x368

Donut Marketing

Donut Marketing

How Twitter Got Attacked by a DDoS

twitter ddos 500x305

The Boom of Social Sites

the boom of social sites 500x375

The Spectrum of Online Relationships

spectrum friendship 500x386

Balance Your Media Diet

media diet 500x584

Google Facts and Figures

google facts figures

How Mobile Devices Change Social Media

social media phones

How Fortune 100 Companies are Leveraging Social Media

social media fortune 100

Social Marketing Compass

social media compass 500x668

The Social Media Effect

social media effect 500x500

The 10 Levels of Intimacy in Today’s Communication

levels of intimacy

How the World Spends Its Time Online

world time online

A Day in the Internet

a day in the internet 500x375

The Jazzy Rise of WordPress

jazzy rise of wordpress

Popular Site Demographics

popular site demographics

Social Media Addiction

social media addiction

Social Media Spending

social media spending

The Truth About Infographics

infographic spam

Visualizing 6 Years of Facebook

6 years of facebook

Women in Social Media

women in social media

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