60 Breathtaking Post Apocalypse Artworks

Apocalypse wallpapers are an incredible style of wallpaper, as there is always dramatic lighting and mood, tension and visual interest in the composition.  The possible elements are almost limitless, from violent explosions and radioactive areas, to overgrown metropolises and machinery.  Many of the most popular artists on the web focus on creating an apocalypse wallpaper every so often simply because of the freedom and the interest in what life would be like in a post apocalyptic world.

To mark the turn of the New Year, we thought it would be fun to make this roundup of apocalypse artworks.  So, in this post, you’ll find 60 breathtaking apocalypse and post apocalypse artworks for your viewing enjoyment.  For those who are curious, most of these artworks are created using matte painting techniques.  These wallpapers will definitely make you thankful for surviving another year on this planet, and will inspire you in your own creative endeavors.

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Have an early welcome to the new year of 2011 in this collection as we say goodbye to 2010 with these visions of the apocalypse.

Last Station by Sonic

apocalypse 1 500x250

Environment: Post Apocalypse by I-NetGraFX

apocalypse 2 500x281

Apocalypse Please by OmeN2501

apocalypse 3 500x310

Liberty Underwater

apocalypse 15 500x400

Big Ben

apocalypse 16 500x375

Post Apocalypse

apocalypse 17 500x312

Golden Gate

apocalypse 18 500x400

The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be

apocalypse 19 500x312

London Bridge

apocalypse 21 500x375

Golden Gate Bridge

apocalypse 22 500x280


apocalypse 23 500x312


apocalypse 24 500x375


apocalypse 4 500x252

Delicious Doomsday by Alexiuss

apocalypse 5 500x312

Wake of Destruction by Vaporization

apocalypse 42 500x244

Destroyed by jensen

apocalypse 6 500x258

Infernal Blight by alexiuss

apocalypse 7 500x323

Aftermath by trainfender

apocalypse 8 500x268


apocalypse 9 500x447


apocalypse 10 500x339

New Mill City by AndreeWallin

apocalypse 11 500x230

Brandon Jones

apocalypse 12 500x270

Prague Rooftops by de Gerardo

apocalypse 13 500x253

Post Apocalypse

apocalypse 14 500x312

Enter the Inferno by Alexiuss

apocalypse 20 500x375

New Amsterdam

apocalypse 25 500x312


apocalypse 26 500x280

Superman Post Apocalypse

apocalypse 27 500x324

The Apocalypse

apocalypse 28 500x312


apocalypse 29 500x312

Ruined Church

apocalypse 30 500x312


apocalypse 31 500x312

Destroyed by RQuack

apocalypse 32 500x304

Chronoscape Thundersnow by alexiuss

apocalypse 33 500x624

Fallout 3 Industry

apocalypse 34 500x312

Derelict by Rado Javor

apocalypse 36 500x333

Apocalypse by Jarka H.

apocalypse 37 500x296


apocalypse 35 500x312

New York Ruins by Jenovah-Art

apocalypse 38 500x302

Last Exit Part 1

apocalypse 40 500x654

Constantine the Movie

apocalypse 41 500x376

What Will Be After by OmeN2501

apocalypse 39 500x333

Invasion by Rado Javor

apocalypse 43 500x296

Works by Vladimir Manyuhina

apocalypse 44 500x384

apocalypse 45 500x352

apocalypse 46 500x347

apocalypse 47 500x340

apocalypse 48 500x339

apocalypse 49 500x312

apocalypse 50 500x249

apocalypse 51 500x423

apocalypse 52 500x375

apocalypse 53 500x359

apocalypse 54 500x375

apocalypse 55 500x374

apocalypse 56 500x363

apocalypse 57 500x375

apocalypse 58 500x375

apocalypse 59 500x375

apocalypse 60 500x375

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