50 Ridiculously Intense Battle and Combat Digital Artworks

It was perhaps the Greek philosopher Plato who said it best, when he remarked: “It is only the dead who have seen the end of war.”  In various cultures, war, combat and aggression have different associations and feelings surrounding them.  The cinematic world has done an incredible job of capturing a variety of different depictions, whether it is the adrenaline rush of modern combat movies, or the stylized and historical style battles such as 300 or Gladiator.  The digital art world has kept up with the trends, and consistently produces intense, adrenaline-filled artworks that serve as everything from reminders of past wars, to video game concept art, and even satirically styled works.

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We’ve gathered up 50 ridiculously intense, adrenaline-filled battle and combat digital artworks that will be sure to make you feel the rumbling of a thousand cavaliers charging, the crisp smell of gunpowder, or the fear of facing a fire-breathing dragon.

Empire Total War – Grenadier by Michael Kutsche

battle 33 500x641

Dragon Fight by Andree Wallin

battle 1 500x262

Springs of Cresson by WraithDT

battle 2 500x250

“I have to go” by Rub-A-Duckie

battle 18 500x370

The Battle by Rado Javor

battle 3 500x365

Return to Neon City by OmeN2501

battle 4 500x350

Mech Dragon Battle by tarrzan

battle 5 500x365

Hope by Kyoung-min Cho

battle 6 500x343

Xuan Yuan by Noah-Kh

battle 7 500x375

Steam Octopus by Alex Broeckel

battle 8 500x249

The Last Battle by lasahido

battle 9 500x365

Pirate Attack by PBario

battle 10 500x275

God of War III by Andy Park

battle 11 500x608

Baptism of Fire by Grzegorz Rutkowski

battle 12 500x250

Otako Naoko by Rayn Kazuya

battle 13 500x365

Team Chow by janaschi

battle 14 500x682

Get Out by BramLeech

battle 15 500x275

Fire Raiser by Grzegorz Rutkowski

battle 16 500x272

Duel by hokunin

battle 17 500x406

Extreme Condition by Phoenix-06

battle 19 500x277

Betrayal by Vampire Princess

battle 20 500x359

Blood War by Jason Engle

battle 21 500x628

Angels in the Avant by nith47

battle 22 500x325

STTSTS by Andree Wallin

battle 23 500x292

Ambush by Kerem Beyit

battle 24 500x386

Hercules in Battle by WraithDT

battle 25 500x280

Defense of the Ancients by Kunkka

battle 26 500x375

Springs of Cresson by WraithDT

battle 27 500x365

The Final Hit by Soheil Danesh

battle 28 500x685

Go Zetaman, Go by randis

battle 29 500x332

The Lost Age Marauders by Henryz

battle 30 500x249

Modern Horror Warfare by elsincara

battle 31 500x425

The Last Battle by Plue

battle 32 500x365

Alexander the Great by Kirsi Salonen

battle 34 500x659

Great Battle by CGWarrior

battle 35 500x395

Claim the War by ced66

battle 36 500x321

The Dragon’s War by RodrigoElven

battle 37 500x312

Apocalypse Please by OmeN2501

battle 38 500x310

Rain of Ashes by ElsinCara

battle 39 500x365

The Rise of the Sons of Eagle by Bogdan Amidzic

battle 40 500x249

Battles of Westeroz by Tomasz Jedruzsik

battle 41 500x206

District10 by Andree Wallin

battle 42 500x202

Hardcore by OmeN2501

battle 43 500x709

Revolution by Soheil Danesh

battle 44 500x235

Transformer by Alon

battle 45 500x353

Tavern Brawl by Velinov

battle 46 500x337

Invincible Warrior by Derrick Song

battle 47 500x324

Cuirassers by LaceDemon

battle 48 500x353

Invasion by Ewkn

battle 49 500x334

Outbreak by snake08

battle 50 500x255

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