50 Epic Digital and CG Artworks

One can always be in awe of artistic creation.  Whether it’s an iconic and legendary artwork such as the Mona Lisa, or digital artwork on the cover of your favorite videogame, book or movie, good art has a way of invoking emotions, catching our eye and dazzling us, creating lasting impressions.  Compositional techniques such as the rule of thirds have evolved in response to the way the human mind perceives visual surroundings, assigns order and hierarchy, and extrapolates meaning from from what we see.  The human brain naturally appreciates art, subconsciously and consciously, and the creation of art is generally an expression of emotion, thought, angst and beliefs.

With the emergence of the digital age, humanity’s artistic expectations have increased, and the artists have responded in turn, continuing to amaze us with lifelike digital creations that exist only in our dreams.  Using 3D programs, drawing tablets, or just a keyboard and mouse, digital art has become one of the most popular and inspirational forms of art on the internet.

In this incredible post, you’ll find 50 absolutely brilliant digital and computer generated artworks, created by some of the most talented artistic minds on the planet.  The level of talent, creativity, and pure work that has gone into these images elevates them to a level where they could truly be called epic, monumental creations that symbolize the good, evil, harmony, chaos, peace, war, noise and silence that our world consists of.  From mad scientists, manipulative villains, heroes in shining armor, destructive robots, beautiful princesses and sprawling metropolises, you’ll be moved by the powerful imagery, perhaps reminded of your dreams and nightmares.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this post, the countless hours of work that the artists put into the creation of these images should be commended, and each artist has an equally amazing gallery to their art included here.  Simply click on any image to be directed to the source, and thank you for reading.  If you haven’t already, please consider Tweeting this post, commenting to let us know your thoughts, sharing it on your favorite social network, and subscribe (it’s free) for future updates.


Escape from Neon City by OmeN2501

Escape from NeonCity by OmeN2501 500x304

Mask by Veprikov

Mask by Veprikov 500x294

Raevona: Docking Towers by Antifan-Real

RAEVONA   Docking Towers by ANTIFAN REAL 500x273

Gates to Elysium by Tigaer

Gates To Elysium by tigaer 499x310

STTSTS by Andree Wallin

STTSTS by AndreeWallin 500x292

Follow Me by Omen2501

Follow me by OmeN2501 500x328

Territory I by noah-kh

territory I by noah kh 500x375

Davey Jones by Antonio Peres

davy jones by antonio peres 500x297

Alice In Wonderland: Madhatter by Michael Kutsche

Alice in Wonderland Madhatter by Michael Kutsche 500x352

Humanoid by alesomultimedia

Humanoid by alesomultimedia 500x299

Hide and Seek by Omen2501

Hide and Seek by OmeN2501 500x336

Derelict by Rado Javor

Derelict by Radojavor 500x333

Megastructure by Hideyoshi

Megastructure by Hideyoshi 500x312

Malik Shah’s Sanctuary by Raphael Lacoste

Malik Shah  s Sanctuary by Raphael Lacoste 500x309

Otako Naoko by RaynKazuya

Otako Naoko by raynkazuya 500x365

Points of View by Rho

PointsOfView by Rho 500x302

Space Marine by Atrujo

Space Marine by atrujo 500x732

Race Off by Nicolas Crombez

Race Off by Nicolas Crombez 500x331

Terra Nova by Dragos Jieanu

Terra Nova by dragos jieanu 500x270

Sunset Boulevard by Tim Warnock

Sunset Boulevard by Tim Warnock 500x272

District 10 by Shadow Element

District 10 by ShadowElement 500x332

The Charr Horde by Kekai

The Charr Horde by Kekai 500x306

Antipodal Evolution by Alexius

Antipodal Evolution by Alexius 500x780

Fire Raiser by 88grez

Fire raiser by 88grzes 500x272

Lost Chronicles by suirebit

Lost Chronicles by suirebit 500x643

The Making of Lightning by Grafik

The making of lightnings by Grafik 500x356

WWZ: The Battle of Yonkers by adonihs

WWZ   The Battle of Yonkers   by adonihs 500x222

Sci-Fi Brewery by RobertBrown

Sci Fi Plant by RobertBrown 500x325

Frigid Warmth by Rahll

Frigid Warmth by Rahll 500x339

Extreme Condition by Phoenix-06

Extreme Condition by Phoenix 06 500x277

Undead Warrior’s Wrath by Dennis Mejillones

Undead Warriors Wrath by Dennis Mejillones 500x627

Pirate Tavern by Georgi Markov

Pirate Tavern by Georgi Markov 500x387

Time Trap by Lior Arditi

Time Trap by Lior Arditi 500x360

The Colossus by noah-kh

The Colossus by noah kh 500x351

Hades: Valiant by tigaer

Hades Valiant by tigaer 500x264

Boogiemaid by Mavor

Boogiemaid by Mavor

Master of Arena II by 88grzes

Master of Arena II by 88grzes 500x333

Shen Ku Dark Warlord by Daniel Conway

Shen Ku Dark Warlord 500x333

Kaboom by Andree Wallin

Kaboooom by AndreeWallin 500x315

Return to Neon City by OmeN2501

Return to NeonCity by OmeN2501 500x350

The Day We Left Earth by 88grzes

The Day We Left Earth by 88grzes 500x300

The Soulforged by Julio Espada

The Soulforged by Julio Espada 500x752

Avenue by Nick Constantine

Sci Fi Avenue by Nick Constantine 500x213

Rebirth of Thor by ThunderStudio

Rebirth of Thor by ThunderStudio 593x1024

Battle by Kekai

Battle by Kekai 500x288

Vampire by hgjart

Vampire by hgjart 500x256

The Bermuda Triangle by 19-10 and mindfckx

The Bermuda Triangle by 19 10 and mindfckx 500x753

Duel by hokunin

Duel by hokunin 500x406

Unholy Blizzard by Guo Jian

Unholy Blizzard by Guo Jian 500x366

Gathering by Kerem Beyit

Gathering by kerembeyit 500x270

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