35 Spectacular Digital Paintings from the Most Talented Artists in the World

Digital painting is one of the most popular and arguably the most difficult to master form of art.  It combines traditional painting and art techniques with the high expectations and superior quality requirements that come with the digital age.  There are many digital artists out there, but only a few can be considered true masters of the arts.  In this post, we’ve rounded up 35 spectacular, downright awesome digital paintings from some of the most talented digital painters in the world.  Whether they are depicting violent battle scenes, ominous and foreboding landscapes, or traditional animated characters from popular culture, these artists push the boundaries of the genre and achieve spectacular results that most can only reach in their dreams.

So, without further a due, prepare to be dazzled, and let us know which you liked the most.  Please vote for this article on StumbleUpon, Digg, Delici.o.us and share it via Twitter and Facebook.  Sharing is caring! Enjoy.

Subemergence by arcipello 500x374

Submergence via arcipello

Arctic Express 2008    by Raphael Lacoste 500x554

Arctic Express via Raphael Lacoste

Rain by OmeN2501 500x343

Rian via OmeN2501

Pandora by blackeri 500x609

Pandora via blackeri

Winged companions by Ironshod 500x375

Winged Companions via Ironshod

Fairy tale by anry 500x500

Fairy Tale via anry

The Seven Deadly Sins  VANITY by blackeri 500x792

The Seven Deadly Sins: Vanity via blackeri

La Rochelle by Radojavor 500x333

La Rochelle via Radojavor

Impossible LOV3 ver 3 by Bluefley 500x275

Impossible LOV3 via Bluefley

Pepper Robot II by Artgerm 500x750

Pepper Robot II via Artgerm

Into the Unknown by kerembeyit 500x270

Into the Unknown by kerembeyit

The Pumpkin King by Radojavor 500x333

The Pumpkin King via Radojavor

Project WE  Canon in D Major by yuumei 585x1024

Project WE: Canon in D Major via yuumei

Cretaceous Sunset by kerembeyit 500x270

Cretaceous Sunset via kerembeyit

Greed by Liol 500x493

Greed via Liol

Damien  s Kiss by cypherx 500x604

Damien's Kiss via cypherx

Apocalypse Please by OmeN2501 500x310

Apocalypse Please via OmeN2501

halloween by sandara 500x333

Halloween via sandara

Floating Fish by Minnhagen 500x372

Floating Fish via Minnhagen

Baghdad by Radojavor 500x250

Baghdad via Radojavor

Before Midnight by trenchmaker 500x386

Before Midnight via trenchmaker

First Lesson by kerembeyit 500x639

First Lesson via kerembeyit

Adamant Citadel by alexiuss 500x501

Adamant Citadel via alexiuss

alice and co by loish 500x723

alice and co via loish

Silent prayers by AquaSixio 500x374

Silent Prayers via AquaSixio

London Rooftops by Raphael Lacoste 500x659

London Rooftops via Raphael Lacoste

Snatch by OmeN2501 500x279

Snatch via OmeN2501

happy suicide by lolita art

Happy Suicide via lolita art

WWZ   The Battle of Yonkers   by adonihs 500x222

WWZ: The Battle of Yonkers via adonihs

Himalaya Sunset by balaa 499x749

Himalaya Sunset via balaa

Study Of Light by Radojavor 500x238

Study of Light via Radojavor

RAEVONA   Docking Towers by ANTIFAN REAL 500x273

Raveona: Docking Towers via ANTIFAN-REAL

Swan Lake by VanillaKitsune 500x357

Swan Lake via VanillaKitsune

Hostile Takeover by OmeN2501 500x310

Hostile Takeover via OmeN2501

Autumn Tree by Angela T 499x375

Autumn Tree via Angela T.

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