35 Spectacular Action Photographs

One of the most important aspects of photography is the fact that it represents only a single moment in time.  As opposed to video, where the viewer can see both the beginning and end to the event, a photograph offers only a snapshot of the event.  Many photographers utilize this aspect to create absolutely brilliant photographic works of art.  By not giving the viewer a preview or end to the scene, the viewer is left to guess the future, and extend their own thoughts into the image.

In this post, we’ll look at 35 spectacular action photographs.  From skiers and snowboarders braving the highest peaks to the depths of the ocean and beyond, you’ll be left mesmerized by the brilliant timing and action in each photograph.

Hopefully you like the images, and let us know what you think in the comments.  As always, your votes and sharing is appreciated!  Have a great day and stay inspired.

27095 fullsize 500x332

20262 fullsize 500x375

31366 fullsize

ACTION   Catch Me If You Can by onewordphoto 500x250

30640 fullsize

31259 fullsize 500x333

28044547109be26ad91ad0275cfe00aa 500x333

30635 fullsize 500x333

Action  Luna by W0LLE 500x284

30433 fullsize 500x272

30671 fullsize 500x333

31083 fullsize 500x341

30626 fullsize 500x606

30823 fullsize 500x398

30624 fullsize 500x585

A live action nemo by kissmyash933 500x338

31064 fullsize 500x666

27389 fullsize 500x333

29719 fullsize 500x333

action by jecky666 500x351

20629 fullsize 500x455

3840 fullsize 500x333

27010 fullsize 500x331

23931 fullsize 500x332

Rescue action by joffo1 500x340

23782 fullsize 500x447

15088 fullsize 500x350

28536 fullsize 499x466

22612 fullsize 500x347

12142 fullsize 500x250

26863 fullsize 500x333

18448 fullsize 500x400

16233 fullsize 500x305

25955 fullsize 500x322

30136 fullsize 500x332

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