35 Incredible Futuristic Cities – 3D Desktop Wallpapers and Illustrations

Futuristic and science-fiction cities fascinate the viewer.  Artists are always trying to envision the world as it could be, or might have been.  Fantasy and historical depictions are rivaled only by futuristic and sci-fi artworks in terms of their popularity as a subject for digital art.

In this showcase, you’ll find 35 incredible futuristic and sci-fi based cities, as 3d wallpapers, illustrations and matte painting.

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No one can know for sure what the world will look like in the future, but these artworks definitely capture some imaginative possibilities.

Metropolis Series by Andree Wallin

city 2 500x226

city 3 500x257

city 4 500x228

city 1 500x281

Cassiopeians by Adam Grania

city 5 500x258

Futuristic City by JJasso

city 6 500x227

Tears in the Rain by Andreas Rocha

city 7 500x212

Phoenix Rising by Tigaer

city 8 500x276

Gates to Elysium by Tigaer

city 9 500x310

The City of Lights by Tigaer

city 10 500x250

Fog City by Laurent Menabe

city 11 500x211

Star Wars 1 by JJasso

city 12 500x281

God is Speaking to Me by AkaJork

city 13 500x213

Talaros City by fstarno

city 14 500x281

The Gold Light of Morning by Stefan Morrell

city 15 500x251

Industrial City by JJasso

city 16 500x281

Thekno City by JJasso

city 17 500x242

Urban Plateaus by Dylan Cole

city 18 500x270

Meduza Arts by I-NetGraFX

city 19 500x199

City Matte by Mortalitas

city 20 500x213

Babel Myth by fstarno

city 21 500x372

Matte Painting 4 by astrokevin

city 22 500x198

The Future City by zbush

city 23 500x306

The Future City Speedpaint by ANTIFAN-REAL

city 24 500x305

Future World 2 by Rudolf Herczog

city 25 500x282

Inner City by Aksu

city 26 500x252

Spire City by Chris Diston

city 27 500x222

Sci Fi City Vista by Bertrand Benoit

city 28 500x248

Interurban by Jacob Dietz

city 29 500x281

Bon Voyage by Christian Beyer

city 30 500x375

Futuristic City by Neisbeis

city 31 500x338

Petrol and Gas Station by Harrell Wong

city 32 500x217

The Return to Albakin by Alexander Preuss

city 33 500x248

3001 by SanFranGuy

city 34 500x315

The Future City by Edison Chan

city 35 500x280

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