33 Astounding CG Environments

Nearly all of us view, interact with and rely on computer generated environments every day without even realizing.  From architectural visualization, cinematic production, and videogame development, computer graphics are used in nearly all facets of modern life.  Most of us don’t even realize it, due to the stunning realism and integration of the environments.

In this post, however, we’ll be showcasing 33 astounding computer generated environments.  You’ll get to see the incredible detail, skill and dedication that goes into creating these incredible artworks, and how they help fuel our daily lives.   Everything from majestic landscapes, futuristic spacescapes, and captivating interior designs is included, so you can see a variety of artists and genres.

Hopefully you enjoy them, and if you do, please share this post, whether it be directly, or through your favorite social network such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, or StumbleUpon.  Anything you can do is greatly appreciated not only by our site, but also by the talented artists who work to keep us all inspired and entertained.

7357 1111089370 medium 500x583

via Juan Gonzalez Diaz

140159 1175456419 medium 500x316

via Peter Swigut

231663 1244100169 medium 500x677

via Olivier Defaye

39861 1186503939 medium 500x319

via Weihua Wei

93456 1134068377 medium 500x330

via Toni Bratincevic

Breeze of The Past 500x392

via abuyhia

63705 1100093583 medium 500x309

via Frederic St-Arnaude

64489 1257816869 medium 500x794

via Stefan Morrell

189574 1244305170 medium 500x300

via Quentin Mabille

HSHD 500x517

via exquisitus3d

39160cd1807c 468x800

via Alexandr Melentiev

final 3 2560 better cgtalk 1280 500x330

via jfliesenborghs

71114 1203939787 medium 500x240

via Marco Rolandi

269403 1247109808 medium 500x300

via Stephan Brisson

123124 1173933764 medium 500x686

via Geoffrey White

250115 1220636359 medium 500x340

via Vladimir Kufeld

122223 1226506169 medium 500x694

via Radoslav Zilinsky

OnceUponATime 500x272

via xsekox

98438 1170778614 medium 500x694

via Mathias Wolff

TrenchtownFinal 500x214

via Stefan Morrell

27827 1175453860 medium 500x246

via Neil McCormack

140159 1177689272 medium 500x236

via Peter Swigut

68732 1168909533 medium 500x300

via Marek Denko

GoldlightLarge1 500x274

via Stefan Morrell

72147 1127948387 medium 500x255

via Laurent Menabe

64915 1112172768 medium 475x800

via Nicholas Richelet

2664 1136981765 medium 500x402

via Michael Sormann

39492 1175517455 medium

via Tobias Trebeljahr

4029 1136169680 medium 500x410

via Raphael Lacoste

60256 1108529659 medium 500x305

via Alexander Preuss

64489 1171881479 medium 500x652

via Stefan Morrell

81472 1092474110 medium 500x286

via Bulgarov

75537 1133961294 medium 500x358

via Arnas Gaudutis

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