30 Useful and Innovative Icon Sets from deviantART

Icons can be incredibly useful for designers.  Whether it’s for web design and user interfaces, or for graphic design, desktop icons, or just to get an insight into making your own icons, having some quality and innovative icons can be essential.

This post has rounded up 30 useful and innovative icon sets from artists on deviantART.  With cool power icons, devices and hardware, and some eco-based logos, you’ll love the icons in this collection.  They’re all free for personal use, so click each one and go to the icon location.  For other uses, make sure you read the terms of use, as each icon set is different.


Lovely Website Icons – Pack 2

Lovely website icons pack 2 by LazyCrazy

Yoritsuki Icons


ACC Box Icon Set

AccBox by TIT0

Massive Media Icons

Massive Media Icons Win by MugenB16

Device Icon Set

ICONS  Device Icon Set by kac2or 500x375

Alpha 1 Icon Set


Mini Icon Set

Mini Icon Set by PrekeshC 500x276

Designer’s Tools Icon Set

Designer  s tools icon   WD2 by LazyCrazy

Hard Drive Icons


IconDJ Icon Set

IconDj by TIT0

3 Icons by OniRespect


Carbon Gloss Icon Set

Carbon Gloss  by skm industries

The Manager Icon Set


Music Icon Set


Safari Icon


Designer Folder Icon Set

Designer Folder Set by thebigbentley

I Hate That Music Icon Set


Browsers Compass Icon Set

browsers compass

Realistic Icons Set

Realistic Icons  Preview icons by Uribaani

Hydra Pro Icon Set

HydroPRO  HP  Dock Icon Set by MediaDesign

Gaming Icons Set

gaming icons

128×128 Icon Set

128x128 Icons Set 5 by dimpoart

Icon Set 1

Icons Set 1 by dimpoart

3D Cartoon Icons Pack

3D Cartoon Icons Pack by deleket

Creative Sense Icons

Creative Sense by dthought

Morning Pleasure Icons


Briefcase Icon Sets

Briefcase by thirteen eightyone

Jeans Special Edition Icon Set

Jeans Special Edition Archives by cgink

Coca-Cola Icon Set

Diet Coke by BlueMalboro

Lava Lamp Icon Set

1dc859bdbc2ad6dc7ba48475dacd70b8 500x620

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