30 Majestic Rainbow Photographs to Inspire You with Hope

Rainbow photography is a challenging subject for photographers, simply because of the relative rarity of rainbows and the requirement for proper lighting, which makes it difficult for photographers to capture rainbows when they come around.  Rainbows are often a sign of hope, and are mentioned in a variety of historical and religious texts, and have had a large impact on culture, mythology, art and literature.  Scientifically, however, rainbows occur when light is refracted when entering a raindrop, reflected off the back of the raindrop, and then refracted again when exiting the drop, resulting in white light being split into its spectrum of colors.

This post showcases 30 inspirational and majestic rainbow photographs that will leave you hopeful and inspired, and remind you that sometimes after the darkest rainstorms, beauty can be seen on the horizon.

Enjoy the photographs!

God’s Canvas by Drew Hopper

rainbow 1 500x355

Shower by James Puttick

rainbow 2 500x331

Do You Dream by Garry Schlatter

rainbow 3 500x500

Rainbow at Elgol by Freddie Ridge

rainbow 4 500x356

Double Treat by Gert van Duinen

rainbow 5 500x336

Cow with Rainbow by David Ovila

rainbow 6 500x375

Rainbow Wave by David Orias

rainbow 7 500x353

Spring Thunderstorm by Dave Wadsworth

rainbow 8 500x375

Rainbow Rain by Penguin Lamp

rainbow 9 500x375

Lighthouse Meets Rainbow by Carsten Meyerdierks

rainbow 10 500x525

The End of the Rainbow by Ian Lambert

rainbow 11 500x333

Look Up In the Sky by Brandon Godfrey

rainbow 12 500x334

Double Rainbow by Samuel Bitton

rainbow 13 500x166

Rainbow over the Vale by Algo

rainbow 14 500x375

Over the Rainbow by Hardi Budi

rainbow 15 500x366

Over the Rainbow by Anna Ridley

rainbow 16

Gulfoss Iceland by Xindaan

rainbow 17 500x332

Under the Rainbow by Toope

rainbow 18 500x298

Bring it On by Nicolas Valentin

rainbow 19 500x335

Rainbow over the Cloud by Rafa Guervos

rainbow 20 500x375

Rainbow Remake by Patrick Emerson

rainbow 21 500x329

Elemental Metamorphosis by Jason Theaker

rainbow 22 500x333

Weaving the Rainbow by Rob Hudson

rainbow 23 500x446

Rainbow Falls by Carol Cathleen

rainbow 24 500x375

Maid of the Mist by Philipp Klinger

rainbow 25 500x333

Sunset Rainbow by David Putnam

rainbow 26 500x392

Colored Day by Alonzo Diaz

rainbow 27 500x397

The Spirit by Eric Rolph

rainbow 28 500x333

Big Big Rainbow by Caleb Sconoscuito

rainbow 29 500x500

Rainbow Panorama by Brandon Godfrey

rainbow 30 500x202

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