30 jQuery WordPress Tutorials and Plugins

WordPress is the standard platform across the blogging community, and it has an extensive userbase that creates great plugins and themes for it. However, by default, WordPress’ main page and features are a bit plain and static, but with a little bit of jQuery, WordPress can be spiced up into a sleek and dynamic platform for any type of website.

We’ve gathered up 30 jQuery WordPress Tutorials and Plugins that take the best features of jQuery and combine it with WordPress to enhance usability, functionality and experience.

Here some other jQuery tutorial roundups that we have posted in the past:

Hope you find them useful!

Create a jQuery Carousel with WordPress Posts

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Show or Hide a Widget in WordPress with jQuery

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How to Create a Better WordPress Options Panel

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Display a Random Post with jQuery Refresh

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Creating a WordPress Featured Content Slider in jQuery using S3

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WordPress jQuery Lightbox Plugin

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Carousel jQuery Gallery for WordPress

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WordPress Wall Plugin

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jQuery Comment Live Preview Plugin

wpjquery 9 500x365

How to Create Tabs for WordPress Widgets using jQuery

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Add Flickr to WordPress with jQuery in 5 Simple Steps

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Create a Featured Posts Slider in jQuery for WordPress

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Make a Dynamic Accordion Menu with jQuery

wpjquery 13 500x250

Create a Twitter Like Load More Widget

wpjquery 14

Twitter News Ticker for WordPress with jQuery

wpjquery 15 500x250

Build a Basic Newspaper Layout for WordPress with jQuery

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Implement a Nice and Clean Sliding Panel with jQuery

wpjquery 17 500x170

Create Astonishing iCal like Calendars

wpjquery 18

Adding Form Validation to Comments with jQuery

wpjquery 19 500x275

The Easy Way to Make WordPress AJAX Pagination with jQuery

wpjquery 20 500x250

Infinite Scroll Plugin with WordPress and jQuery

wpjquery 21 500x250

Integrating Fading Button Navigation

wpjquery 22 500x250

WordPress and jQuery Contact Form without a Plugin

wpjquery 23 500x250

Use jQuery to Liven Up Your WordPress Login

wpjquery 24 500x250

WordPress Post Information jQuery Plugin

wpjquery 25 500x250

uAudio jQuery Music Player

wpjquery 26 500x250

WordPress jQuery Events Calendar

wpjquery 27 500x250

Mint jQuery WordPress Plugin

wpjquery 28

WordPress Live Blogroll

wpjquery 29

Snazzy Archives

wpjquery 30

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