30 Dark and Mysterious Fantasy Wallpapers

Dark and mysterious artworks are always interesting to view.  The subtle messages conveyed through the stark contrast of light and dark, combined with more traditional portrayals of good and evil lead to interesting and meaningful digital art.  Elements such as a monsters, gnarled trees, dark horses, cloaked figures and full moons help establish a traditional feeling of darkness while using the newer techniques of digital art.

When it comes to wallpapers, a lot of people like to set their computer to cycle through a series of wallpapers, so we’ve gathered up 30 dark and mysterious fantasy wallpapers to grace your desktop.  Each wallpaper seems like it has a story behind it, and will leave you wanting more.

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Each wallpaper is linked to where you can download the various sizes.  Enjoy!

black hd 500x375

The Bridge by Gate To Nowhere

alone in the dark 04 1 500x281

Fortitude Wallpaper by Losmios

Near Dark 500x276

79791 500x312

alone in the dark 03 1 500x281

Baatezu WP by zilla774 500x400

A Flying Tree by vladstudio 500x375

Bye bye Mr  Moon 7   Wallpaper by TinyPilot 500x375

41694 500x375

Sailing The Desert by Gate To Nowhere

Hydolic Hydra wallpaper by Ironshod 500x400

78725 500x400

wallpaper MoonCalled by wycked 500x375

77883 500x400

Searcher at Darkness 500x420

80541 500x375

Good vs Evil 500x369

Demon of the Fall by MistaBobby 500x375

screen 159047 500x281

79746 500x375

80791 500x375

batpod 500x312

empire total war dark wallpaper 500x375

The Gate by Funerium

Ecosystems  Wallpaper Version by ishbu

Adamant Citadel zoom by alexiuss

77975 500x400

81326 500x375

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