30 Beautiful Large Photo Background Website Designs

Large photos are becoming increasingly popular in web design, particularly acting as a background for a website.  They can help quickly establish mood, a color palette, and communicate the meaning and purpose of a website.  However, because they tend to attract attention, it’s important to have a great photo to use as the background, which often requires some tricky photomanipulation.  Additionally, because it’s relatively harder to resize photos based on a user’s browser size, some advanced CSS or, in some cases, Flash, is required to get everything to look good.

So, here are some beautiful large photo backgrounds in website design, to get you inspired and confident to try using this technique on one of your own sites.

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Campanino Golf Club

large 3 500x233


large 1 500x233


large 2 500x233


large 4 500x233


large 5 500x233

Juliana Barros

large 6 500x233


large 7 500x265


large 8 500x146

Brand Republic

large 9 500x233


large 10 500x233


large 11 500x233

Nike Snowboarding

large 12 500x233

Stephan Siegrist

large 13 500x233

Hasse Bronten

large 14 500x225

Davidia Int

large 15 500x233

Ines Papert

large 16 500x233

Pole Golfowe

large 17 500x233

Adventure at Altitude

large 18 500x233


large 19 500x233

Harley Davidson

large 20 500x233


large 21 500x265


large 22 500x265


large 23 500x233


large 24 500x233

Bently Reserve

large 26 500x338

Hugo Boss

large 27 500x333

Killer Clothing

large 28 500x250


large 29 500x333


large 30 500x333

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