25 Breathtaking Underwater Photographs

Outer space may be the final frontier, but humanity knows almost as little about the depths of our oceans as the depths of space.  Earth’s oceans have fascinated humanity for millenia, resulting in a variety of myths from the Earth being flat with the oceans simply pouring off into space, the kraken, and mermaids.  Beyond the myths, however, lies an incredible variety of life and color.

This post features 25 breathtaking underwater photographs, captured by incredibly talented photographers, and will let you view some of the depths of our oceans for yourself.  From clownfish that look surprisingly like Nemo, jellyfish, sharks and crabs, you’ll get a glimpse of some of the life that thrives just beneath the surface.

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29475 fullsize 500x300

26136 fullsize 500x375

Underwater Tunnel by Dolore 500x333

24582 fullsize 500x375

Underwater 2 by cesarandrade 500x381

Underwater by xBatx815 500x374

9332 fullsize 500x365

21455 fullsize 500x380

Old Trojan horse underwater    by unusualPhoto 500x708

28232 fullsize 500x333

Underwater Adventure 2 by SnowAngelChi 500x685

26072 fullsize

underwater cavern by olivetwist 500x333

It s a clown by oceanpixel 500x500

29952 fullsize 500x333

31352 fullsize 500x359

Underwater Silhouette by cherryjess 500x708

9320 fullsize 500x334

8604 fullsize 500x332

8872 fullsize 500x296

29448 fullsize 500x666

8599 fullsize 500x335

30959 fullsize 500x333

underwater fantasy by nymphchen 500x320

29151 fullsize 500x333

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