25 Beautiful Website Layouts

A unique, usable and interesting web design can really spark interest in your company or product.  Navigation can be presented in an unorthodox way, background images can be used, dynamic elements such as Flash or jQuery can be used to enhance the user experience, along with a variety of other tweaks.  However, it is often difficult to have a beautiful website that is not only unique, but is usable and intuitive.

In this post, Ben from PixelClouds has rounded up his picks for the Top 25 Beautiful Websites based on visual artistry, integrated sound, ease of use, and pure uniqueness.  These websites balance not only a visually pleasing interface, but they do it without sacrificing content or usability.

Hopefully you enjoy the designs, and thanks for reading!  Your support is always valued.  Also, if you liked this post, follow PixelClouds on Twitter.

1. ReadyMadeDesigns

readymadedesigns home 499x264

2. Duplos

dulos content 499x264

3. BehindTheWebsites

behindthewebsites home 499x264

4. Vgrafiks

vgrafiks web 499x264

5. Nordkapp

nordkapp web 499x264

6. Circa, the Prince

circa the prince 499x264

7. Tim Bjorn

tim born website 499x264

8. Fat Man Collective

fat man collective 3 499x264

9. The Peach Design

the peach design3 499x264

10. Thailand Globetrotter

Thailand globetrotter22 499x264

11. Haik Avanian

Haik Avanian2 499x264

12. Marcin Kaniewski

martin 499x264

13. Zachary Pulman

1114 499x264

14. Indofolio

2116 499x264

15. Academy Design

2115 499x264

16. Amilo Car

2111 499x264

17. Chanel Paris Shanghai

1103 499x264

18. Morphix Blog

1102 499x264

19. UncleeMile

295 499x264

20. Radium Labs

365 499x264

21. We Make Design

363 499x264

22. Chopeh Design

285 499x264

23. Gritti Rollo

372 499x264

24. Sketchen Design

355 499x264

25. Fubiz Design

362 499x264

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