20 Helpful jQuery Tooltip Plugins and Tutorials

jQuery Tooltips can really help usability and user experience, by providing useful clues, information, tips and help when using a site. When filling a form, it’s common to live-check the input and inform the user if their input is valid or if it needs to be changed.  It can also help for navigation, interactive websites and providing a dynamic and more interesting user experience.

We’ve got 20 helpful jQuery tooltip plugins and tutorials that can help you create a tooltip for you to use on you’re site.  Whether you need just a simple tool tip, or a complex tooltip that can also preview images, you’ll find a plugin or tutorial in this list that can meet your needs.

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Build a Better Tooltip with jQuery Awesomeness

tooltip 1 500x263

View the Demo

qTip Tooltip Plugin

tooltip 2 500x263

View the Demos

jQuery Popup Bubble

tooltip 5 500x250

View the Demo


tooltip 4 500x263

View the Demo

jQuery Form Validation and Tooltip

tooltip 5 500x263

View the Demo


tooltip 6 500x263

View the Demo

jQueryTools Tooltip

tooltip 7 500x263

View the Demo

jQuery AJAX Plugin

tooltip 8 500x319

View the Demo

TipTip jQuery Plugin

tooltip 3 500x250

View the Demo on Download Page

jQuery Horizontal Tooltips Menu

tooltip 4 500x250

View the Demo

Simple Tooltip Powered by jQuery

tooltip 11 500x263

View the Demo

Horizontal Tooltips for Menus

tooltip 12 500x108

View the Demo

Create a Simple Tooltip with jQuery and CSS

tooltip 13 500x263

View the Demo

jTip Tooltip Plugin

tooltip 14 500x263

View the Demo

Coda Popup Bubbles

tooltip 15 500x263

View the Demo

ProtoTip 2

tooltip 16 500x263

View the Demo

Easiest Tooltip and Image Preview with jQuery

tooltip 17 500x263

View the Demo

jGrowl Tooltips

tooltip 18 500x263

View the Demo

Digg Style Post Sharing Tooltip with jQuery

tooltip 19 500x139

View the Demo

Orbital Tooltip

tooltip 20 500x263

View the Demo

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