100 Best Illustrator Tutorials of All Time (From Newbie to Pro)

Adobe Illustrator is the most powerful vector software on the planet, and whether you’re using it alone, or in a workflow with other tools such as a 3D program, Photoshop, InDesign, or something else, it can be a great asset to any designer’s arsenal. However, Illustrator is also one of the most daunting programs to learn how to use, with a vast array of tools and features at your fingertips.  Some high quality tutorials will go a long way to easing the process, and get you up and going on your own vector creations.

In our sequel to the Best Photoshop tutorials of all time, today we have the best Illustrator tutorials ever created and showcased on the web.  Whether you want to learn the basics, or something a bit more advanced, this list has it all, from vector characters, icon tutorials, coveted infographic tutorials (which are in high demand), or graphic-design illustration tutorials, this collection of the best Illustrator tutorials will be sure to help you out.

Here is a post on Tips for Integrating Photoshop and Illustrator into a Seamless Workflow

Also, let us know which your favorite illustrator tutorial is in the comments.

Hope you enjoy our selection of the best Illustrator tutorials.

Best Illustrator Tutorials:

Learn Illustrator CS3 In 30 Days

illustrator 2

Create a Gorgeous Landscape Wallpaper for your Desktop in Illustrator

illustrator 17 500x312

Create a Cute Furry Vector Monster in Illustrator

illustrator 1

Swirl Mania in Illustrator and Photoshop

illustrator 31 500x231

Make A Robot Character in Illustrator

illustrator 4 500x543

Icon Design Tutorial – Designing a New Icon in Illustrator

illustrator 5

Turn a Boring Bar Graph into a 3D Masterpiece with Illustrator

illustrator 6 500x431

Create an Easy Landscape Scene in Illustrator

illustrator 8 500x258

Create Environmentally Friendly Nature Typography in Illustrator

illustrator 7 500x417

Super Cool Abstract Vectors in Photoshop

illustrator 9 500x231

Create a Gang of Vector Ninjas in Illustrator

illustrator 10

How To Design a Classic Heraldic Figure in Illustrator

illustrator 11 500x387

Creating Omspace 3D Cylinder Graphics in Illustrator

illustrator 12 500x259

Create a Colorful Abstract Artwork in Illustrator

illustrator 13 500x375

Illustrator Tutorial: Surprise Gift:

illustrator 14

Real World Effects in Photoshop and Illustrator

illustrator 44 500x339

Create A Stunning Undersea Painting Using Vector Packs in Illustrator

illustrator 15 500x750

Simple Organic Shapes the Illustrator Way

illustrator 16 500x328

Create an Open Book with Illustrator’s 3D Extrude and Bevel Tools

illustrator 18 500x500

Create a Bright Retro Grunge Vector Illustration

illustrator 19 500x181

Old School Type Line Gradients in Photoshop and Illustrator

illustrator 20

Create an Abstract Vector Design in Illustrator

illustrator 21

How to Create a Vector Illustration

illustrator 22 500x571

Creating a Crazy Cool Logo in Illustrator

illustrator 23 500x231

Create a Character Mascot with Adobe Illustrator CS4

illustrator 24 500x521

Designing a Sleek Pencil Icon in Illustrator

illustrator 43 500x317

Creating Vector Characters in Illustrator

illustrator 25 500x390

Create a Cute Panda Bear Face Icon

illustrator 26 500x490

Draw a Windy Sunset Illustration

illustrator 27 500x251

Create a Cartoon Spaceship Interior

illustrator 28 500x349

Create a Super Happy Octopus Character

illustrator 29 500x401

Creating a Ribbon in Adobe Illustrator

illustrator 30 500x176

Creating an Awesome Rocket Space Avatar in Illustrator

illustrator 311

How to Design a Vector Character in Illustrator

illustrator 32 500x286

Create a Tiger Striped Cat with Illustrator

illustrator 33 500x433

How to Make a Calendar Icon

illustrator 42 500x246

How to Create a Sweet Popsicle Vector Illustration

illustrator 34 500x509

Mastering Masking in Illustrator

illustrator 35 500x378

Create a Stinking Zombie Flesh Eater in Illustrator

illustrator 36 500x537

Create a Simple Storefront Icon

illustrator 411 500x499

Drawing a Funny Game Character in Illustrator

illustrator 37

Create a Vector Pirate Cartoon Character in Illustrator

illustrator 38

Create a Cute Bunny Vector Character

illustrator 39 500x636

Create a Translucent Style IM Icon

illustrator 40

Create a Safari Compass in Illustrator

illustrator 45 500x333

Create a Happy Sun Character

illustrator 46 500x474

How to Create Your Own Cartoon Character

illustrator 47

Create a High Quality GUI Button Slider in Illustrator

illustrator 48 500x346

Use a Freebie Swirl to Create a Seamless Swirl Pattern

illustrator 49 500x181

Create a Retro Vector Illustration with Stylized Lines

illustrator 50 500x541

Create a Briefcase Icon in Illustrator

illustrator 51 500x500

Full Spectrum Spirograph in Illustrator

illustrator 52

Create a Cute Hamster Avatar in Illustrator

illustrator 53 500x500

Create a Photorealistic iMac and Magic Mouse

illustrator 54

Gradient Mesh Flower Tutorial

illustrator 55

Blend and Mask Yourself a Great Poster in Illustrator

illustrator 56 500x646

Master Painting in Illustrator

illustrator 57 500x343

Create Seamless Watermark Patterns in Illustrator

illustrator 58 500x675

Create a Cute Character from a Sketch

illustrator 59 500x466

Create an Identity Package in Illustrator

illustrator 60

Create a Pseudo-Sugar Skull from Start to Finish

illustrator 61

Create a Crafts Inspired Illustration

illustrator 62

Learn to Create a Financial Crisis Illustration

illustrator 63

Owl Ding Tutorial in Illustrator

illustrator 64 500x670

Create a Rocketing Vector Aircraft Shuttle

illustrator 65 500x353

Vexel Illustration Tutorial

illustrator 66 500x587

Creating Road Maps in Illustrator

illustrator 67

Create a Swirly Type Treatment

illustrator 68 500x395

Brighten Your Work with Custom 3D Shapes

illustrator 69 500x377

Ornate Lettering Process

illustrator 70

Create a Yummy Vector Cupcake

illustrator 71 500x491

Use Effects to Create a Cool Design

illustrator 72 500x333

Create a Cute Vector Bear T-Shirt Design

illustrator 73

Turn a Client-Approved Snack Label into a 3D Snack Pack

illustrator 74 500x449

Pixels and Vectors – Closing the Gap Between Photoshop and Illustrator

illustrator 75 500x396

Create a Grisly Zombie Illustration

illustrator 76 500x634

Create Cool Infographics in Illustrator

illustrator 77

Create the First Page of a Fairy Tale Book

illustrator 78 500x666

3D Pie Charts in Illustrator

illustrator 79 500x526

Create a Vector Collegiate Notebook Design

illustrator 80 500x381

Trendy Geometric Lines Tutorial

illustrator 81

Create a 4 Leaf Clover in Illustrator

illustrator 82 500x258

Create a Rubik’s Cube in Illustrator

illustrator 83 500x500

Create the Face of a Singing Pig in Illustrator

illustrator 84 500x500

Create a Simple Bomb Icon In Illustrator

illustrator 85 500x182

Creating Convincing Characters in Illustrator

illustrator 86

Create a Rotatable Globe in Illustrator

illustrator 87

How to Create Outstanding Modern Infographics

illustrator 88

Create a Cute Hippo Character in Illustrator

illustrator 89

Design a Coffee Shop Menu Layout with Illustrator and inDesign

illustrator 91 500x666

Retro Car Vector

illustrator 90 500x373

Create a Dynamic 3D Puzzle Effect in Illustrator

illustrator 92 500x454

Tug and Twirl Text in Illustrator

illustrator 94

Create the Face of a Grumpy Bear

illustrator 93 500x500

Turn a Sketch into a Fat Cat Vector Illustration

illustrator 95 500x333

Create a Themed Repeating Pattern in Illustrator

illustrator 96

Creating a Surrealistic Hand Drawn Illustration

illustrator 97 500x706

Quick Tips #2 – Scatter Brushes in Illustrator

illustrator 98 500x231

Creating a Cute Little Tiger in Illustrator

illustrator 99 500x666

Smoothly Shift Winter Colors to Create an Icy Vector Landscape

illustrator 100 500x259

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