20 Stunningly Lifelike 3D and CG Characters Created Using zBrush, 3D Studio Max, Maya and More

3D characters can be created in a variety of 3D software packages, including Pixologic zBrush, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Mudbox or Maya, Daz Studio, Poser or others.  The combination of 3D modeling, texturing and realistic rendering can allow for unrivaled realism and detail in the world of computer graphics.

We gathered up 20 stunning CG character creations from some of the top artists around, with some lifelike and realistic, while others are fantasy-oriented and magical.  But, they have one thing in common, they are all incredibly detailed.

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Sapphire by Kolakis

Sapphire by kolakis 500x364

Apathy by Veprikov

apathy by veprikov d2xmhz2 500x568

Play Magazine Cover by JJasso

Play Magazine cover variation by JJasso 500x772

Marine Man by Kaue Dalcin

Marine Man by KaueDalcin 500x375

Temptress by Lyndseyh

Temptress by Lyndseyh 500x395

Harlequin by Alimac

Harlequin by Alimac 500x661

A Woman’s Worth by Rainfeather Pearl

A Woman  s Worth by RainfeatherPearl 500x500

Old Guy by m3maqs

Old Guy Finished by m3maqs 500x551

Ethereal by Wen-JR

Ethereal by Wen JR 500x717

Undead Wizard by bgx1

undead wizard by bgx1 500x375

Suspicious Minds by DCSMC

Suspicious Minds by DCSMC 500x428

Chris by redragon

Chris by me 500x371

Smoking Creature by Drummer00

5b7874f5dc8fd9b94ac2da5a31e2e2dc 500x499

Mask by Veprikov

Mask by veprikov 500x294

Hooker by ulissis-teles

hooker by ulisses teles 500x517

The Scout by RainfeatherPearl

The Scout by RainfeatherPearl 500x410

Rage by pjacubinas

Rage by pjacubinas 500x615

Darkness LOZ by Wen-JR

Darkness LOZ by Wen JR 500x695

The Dark Templar by RainfeatherPearl

407eee119bd4350d1214da7e5862e1a9 500x387

Do You Want Fries with That by albynism

do you want fries with that  by albynism 500x666

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