20 Sleek and Sexy Interface Designs

Interface design is a growing subset in the field of design.  With the proliferation of mobile device applications, particularly iPhone applications and Android applications, users have come to expect the functionality and aesthetics from the web to translate into applications as well.  Thus, there are many iPhone application designs that are award winning, and the Android has some very well designed applications as well.  Beyond mobile devices, Adobe AIR application design has been growing, along with traditional desktop application design.

Here we’ve gathered up 20 sleek and sexy interface designs, ranging from iPhone and iPad designs to desktop application designs, web application designs and even an interface for your car.

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VST Stream Pro by lakmus

interface design 1 500x333

Car GUI Preview by upiir

interface design 2 500x456

dAIM by Manicho

interface design 3 500x504

iPhone Trivia App Design by shod4n

interface design 4 500x475

zenviewer by skinsfactory

interface design 5 500x262

Home Sweet Home by patqueisler

interface design 6 500x524

Goday by SencerBurgahan

interface design 7 500x625

Full Tablet Design by vladedimovksi

interface design 8 500x625

MySpace by sahandsl

interface design 9 500x628

GUIFX Dean by Pureav

interface design 10 500x544

Twitter iPhone by Julius Gehrig

interface design 11 500x281

Music App by Diego Monzon

interface design 12 500x750

Advanced UI by z-design

interface design 13 500x304

Handmade in Melbourne by shod4n

interface design 14 500x255

islash by mistix

interface design 15 500x454

LinkPad by Ryan Jones

interface design 16 500x376

Sweet Mobile by WeAreSweet

interface design 17 500x340

SpeedTask by Liquefy Studios

interface design 18 500x500

Ringer iPhone App

interface design 19 500x600

Psyunit by Pureav

interface design 20 500x307

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