20 Majestic Mountain and Canyon Photographs

Mountain photography and canyon photography both offer opportunities for photos that portray a grand sense of scale.  Whereas mountains are generally formed from the collision and subduction of Earth’s tectonic plates, canyons are formed from erosion.  These processes take thousands of years, but it’s well worth the wait, as they are some of the most majestic natural features on Earth.

In this post, you’ll find 20 majestic mountain photos and canyon photos from landscapes around the world.  Whether at the base of a mountain or on the canyon floor, or viewing it from high above, the beauty of our planet is shown in these photographs.

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Shadowed Land by John Parminter

mountain 18 500x369

Furios Mountain by mselam

mountain 1 500x331

Vallanaraju by Alexandre Buisse

mountain 19 500x354

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona from NationalGeographic

mountain 2 500x375

Mountain Graceful by Marc Adamus

mountain 3 500x331

Guardian of the Glens by John Parminter

mountain 20 500x359

Lower Antelope Canyon by Photoboy1002001

mountain 4 500x333

Bryce Canyon by ernieleo

mountain 5 500x500

South Sister by Metro

mountain 6 500x336

Grand Canyon by Tony Eckersley

mountain 7 500x276

Bryce Canyon in HDR by ashwynrao

mountain 8 500x333

Gokyo Ri by ptera

mountain 9 500x356

Tangnag by ptera

mountain 10 500x336

Yosemite Reflections by Patrick Smith

mountain 11 500x333

Gokyo Lake by edmarland

mountain 12 500x332

Dawn Bliss by memeflux

mountain 13 500x500

Smoky Mountain Fog by maryleeusa

mountain 14 500x339

Sunset Shower by Willy Paglilla

mountain 15 500x334

Touched by the Sun by Willy Paglilla

mountain 16 500x262

The Ankogel by rrvistas

mountain 17 500x342

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