15 Gorgeous Flash Websites Created using Wix


Flash can be an incredibly powerful technology when building websites.  It can allow for dynamic effects that are otherwise difficult to achieve, and it can create a more exciting user experience.  However, one of the frequently cited drawbacks to Flash is the difficulty in using it, and the learning curve involved.  Due to this, companies have developed a variety of frameworks, platforms and management systems have emerged to make Flash websites easier to develop.

Wix is one of these companies that has developed an intuitive and user-friendly free website builder that allows even novice web users to create their own website with ease.  Not only does Wix allow users to build a free website, they are also fantastic supporters of the design community, sponsoring many design blogs and companies around the globe.

This post showcases 15 gorgeous Flash websites that were created using Wix.  Due to Wix’s ease of use and the fact that it’s free, they have attracted users from a wide variety of industries, including fashion, photography, music, food and even design.

Hopefully you enjoy the inspiration, and be sure to check out Wix if you’re interested in having your own website.


wix 1 500x363

Katrina Gelino Designs

wix 3 500x363

Big John’s Mountain Grill

wix 2 500x363

Marnie Alton

wix 4 500x363

Black and Bird

wix 5 500x363


wix 6 500x363

The Dark Lurking

wix 7 500x363

Chadoulas Designs

wix 8 500x363


wix 9 500x363

Shari Davies Illustration

wix 10 500x363

Myles Grier

wix 11 500x304


wix 12 500x304

Soda Spectrum

wix 13 500x366

BlackFly Media

wix 14 500x230

Samuel Crowder

wix 15 500x392

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