39 Brilliantly Designed Login and Sign Up Web Forms

Web forms are crucial for converting visitors into regular users, particularly for web communities, e-commerce and web applications. Designing a registration or sign up form is a bit different from a sign in or login form, as a registration form is the last link between turning a visitor into a user, so the final ‘sale’ must be completed.

A registration form should know it’s ABCs.  To quote Glengarry Glenn Ross“Always be closing!” The registration form should close the deal and make sure the visitor becomes a user.

A login form, on the other hand, should be memorable and remind a user why they are using the site, and that they are valued. Whether that’s a simple “welcome back” or something a bit more extravagant, it never hurts to let the user know that they are a valued member of the community.

This showcase features 39 brilliantly designed login, signup and registration web forms from web companies and platforms around the world. They all exhibit usability qualities, and also have the subtle details that make a form exceptional. You’ll notice a few trends in this post, and especially pay attention to the relative simplicity and the reminders that the site is happy to see you again.

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Also, if you think we missed any (or you want to show off your own form design work), drop a link in the comments! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

ScrapBlog Login Form

login 1 500x250

TinyBas Login Form

login 2 500x250

Sweet Twitter App for iMac Sign Up Form

login 3 500x250

Kontain Sign Up Form

login 4 500x250

NameChecklist Check Form

login 5 500x250

FrontierRoom Reservation Form

login 6 500x250

Survs Login Form

login 7 500x250

Joost Registration Form

login 8 500x250

HighPoint Church Login Form

login 9 500x250

Addictionary Registration Form

login 10 500x250

GoSquared Login Form

login 11 500x250

Tumblr Login Form

login 12 500x250

MailChimp Login Form

login 13 500x250

OneHub Sign In Form

login 14 500x250

JoliCloud Sign In Form

login 15 500x250

Beehive Sign Up Form

login 16 500x250

Build It With Me Sign Up Form

login 17 500x250

Champion Sound Login Form

login 18 500x250

Dribbble Login Form

login 19 500x250

World of Warcraft Login Form

login 20 500x250

Battle.net Login Form

login 21 500x250

How R U Login Form

login 22 500x250

Treemo Labs Login Form

login 23 500x250

Green Globe Login Form

login 24 500x250

Vimeo Join Form

login 25 500x250

WP Coder Login Form

login 26 500x250

Virtual Paper Login Form

login 27 500x250

EmberApp Login Form

login 28 500x250

CobbleStone Login Form

login 29 500x250

AppBoy Login Form

login 30 500x250

Campfire Sign In Form

login 31 500x250

Yokaboo Login Form

login 32 500x250

Odosketch Sign In Form

login 33 500x250

Feed Weaver Registration Form

login 34 500x250

Legacy Locker Login Form

login 35 500x250

Rate My Area Login Form

login 36 500x250

Ript Apparel Login Form

login 37 500x250

Envato TUTS+ Login Form

login 38 500x250

Mig33 Login Form

login 39 500x250

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