10 Powerful AJAX jQuery File Uploaders

Being able to upload files and images onto a website is one of the most common tasks in the modern web.  Whether it’s letting a user upload a profile picture to their social networking profile, or complex file hosting and sharing services, users like to upload files.  Uploading files is a relatively simple task, but there are a lot of improvements that can be made over the default to help improve usability.

That’s where AJAX and jQuery come in, because they can allow for more complex functionality and better usability, showing users how much time is left, allowing them to upload multiple files, as well as using drag and drop interfaces.  Here, you’ll find 10 powerful AJAX jQuery file uploaders.  Please note that some are still coupled with other technologies such as Flash for even more features.

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Valums AJAX Uploader

upload 1 500x250


upload 2 500x250


upload 3 500x250

AJAX Multiple File Upload Form using jQuery

upload 4 500x363

jQuery AJAX File Upload

upload 5

jQuery Upload Progress

upload 6 500x250

jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin

upload 7 500x250

Digitalarld Swiff AJAX Uploader

upload 8 500x250


upload 9 500x250

AJAX File Upload

upload 10 500x250

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