The Top 50 Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

We have recently seen many inventions and advancements, some of them related to technology while others cover everything ranging from healthcare to creative arts. But when it comes to capturing all these moments and achievements, nothing does a better job than a well timed photograph. After scouring through the web for such photographs, we have

40 Facebook Fails And Wins!

Facebook, besides being a social networking site where people share moments and ideas, has also become one of the most resorted entertainment source. From Status fails to embarrassing comments by parents, Facebook has it all. In this post we have collected 40 such self-understood Facebook fails and wins that will sure brighten your day and

85 3D Tattoos that Will Blow Your Mind

A wide variety of people have always been huge fans of tattoos because of the power they have to convey meaning, feelings and even beliefs. While traditional tattoos are more than just plain creative, 3D tattoos have managed to give an extra touch to tattoo kingdom and have succeeded in attracting impressive number of awe’s and

22 Interesting Facts About Dreams You Didn’t Know About

Sleeping is our favorite part of the day. Sometimes we want to sleep deliberately and sometimes sleep drags us into bed involuntarily. However, dreams are mysterious pieces of visualizations and perceptions which are yet beyond our control. Every one of us experiences dreams in our head, every night. While some hold it well, some forget

15 Inspiring Famous Quotes Illustrated With Minimalistic Posters

Most of the quotes by famous people are intrinsically motivational enough to inspire people into action. The beauty is further accentuated when these powerful words are coupled with creative poster illustrations. Designer Ryan McArthur gave inspiring touch to these beautiful quotes by designing minimalistic illustrations that enhance the overall meaning and power of the words

16 Things That Are Just Never As Good After College

Most people would agree that college days are some of the very best days of life. Not only because of all the fun and excitement but also because there are many things that were safe to do or even encouraged in college. But today they are equally embarrassing or frowned upon. In this post we